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Faithbridge Foster Care

Every week, 126 new children in Georgia are removed from their homes and placed into the foster care system by the Division of Family and Children Services due to abuse, neglect, addictions, violence and more. These numbers are heartbreaking and tragic, but they are very real numbers representing very real children who we cannot ignore. We want to ensure that every child who comes into the foster system is nurtured in a loving, safe foster home where they will have the opportunity to heal and experience the love of Jesus.


We believe the answer to solving the foster care crisis is the church.

This is why we partner with local churches. A Christ-centered foster care ministry not only allows churches to care for vulnerable children and their families but also provides a way to support foster families and involve the local church and community in meeting the need.

There are more than 60 million evangelical Christians participating in over 300,000 churches nationwide. This provides an incredible opportunity to engage in foster care ministry. With its existing infrastructure and caring congregants, each individual local church and its community of believers can be the solution to the local foster care problem.

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